Honey making, my well-being therapy

Honey making, my well-being therapy

Some of you may already know that we are beekeepers in my family and we make honey.

We’ve been doing it ever since I can remember, actually it goes back a few generations.


I grew up surrounded by bees and I was never scared of them, because they are beautiful, hardworking insects and we are not as important to them as they are to us, and they don’t have time to waste with us. They sting only if their life or their queen is endangered. If a bee come close to you, please, don’t try to kill it! It will just fly around you looking for some juicy pollen, and when it will realise you are a tasteless, boring human being, it will just leave. Bees dramatically decreased in populations in the past few years, but we desperately need bees on our beautiful planet.


The process of making honey is fascinating, if you don’t mind a bunch of bees buzzing around you constantly. I know it has became fashionable lately, because of the increased awareness of people toward organic, local food. I love spending Sundays with my family making honey, getting my hands sticky and just breathing that heavenly perfume. I find it relaxing.

My dad is finally retiring now and he will have more time to dedicate to beekeeping, so I am helping him with social network and just letting all our friends know about this small family business 🙂

The smell of honey reminds me of home.

Happy Monday!



The infinite possibilities of London

The infinite possibilities of London

It’s the third of August, my friends in Italy are boiling and complaining that it’s too hot (about 38 degree Celsius) and I am here, wearing a jumper. It’s not even 20 degree in London. Really feels like November.

Anyway, this is not a post about the weather, or about me complaining about the weather. This is a post about my slow fitting in the new neighbourhood. I like St John’s Wood. It’s posh, but nice.

I like the fact that everything is so close. After having lived in zone 3 for years, it still amazes me to realise that it takes me 10 minutes to get to the centre. And I can walk to Regent’s Park everyday.



Yesterday I went to speak to a career adviser because I want and I need to go back to work, but I want to find a job that doesn’t kill me and where I don’t have to sell my soul. Of course, I still want to translate, but let’s face it: the translation industry is not going well for freelancers, it’s going well for big agencies that pay linguists close to nothing, and I didn’t spend years and money in education to get paid some insulting rates. So, I will keep that on the side for now, doing some volunteer translation to keep active. Anyway, back to the career adviser, it was a very inspiring session and I don’t understand why these services aren’t advertised more! I didn’t know about it, until I found a leaflet in the children’s centre where I take my son. I booked an appointment and yesterday I met this very nice and competent man who gave me plenty of advises and links to useful websites to help me in my research. He said there may be some training courses available for me, too.

My dream job would be speech therapist, but I would have to do it in Italy and it’s 3 years of university degree, so for now I will have to focus on something else, perhaps something similar. I was thinking of getting a certificate for teaching learners with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties, but it’s still unclear whether I qualify not being a teacher…


I love being able to sit here and write about these things, sipping my coffee, it helps me putting things into perspective and making a bit of order in this mess that is my life at the moment.



New home

New home

We’re settling down quite well in the new flat. As I write, I am surrounded by cardboard, bags, luggage and half built furniture.

This is our 9th move in 5 years. I changed 9 homes.


Photo credit: Saskia Keultjes

It can seem fascinating and interesting and intriguing and adventurous, but the truth is that most of all it’s tiring. It’s tiring to pack and unpack constantly, to know that yet again this is a “temporary” accommodation and that soon, a year maximum, we will be on the move again.

This time though, we are in a truly beautiful flat and I am glad we got to furnish it to our taste. I can’t wait for it to be finished! There is plenty of light, we have huge windows here. Oh, and we are some 300 metres from Regent’s park so…I can’t really complain.

I can’t wait to have the stove and oven installed, so I will be finally able to cook something! We’ve been eating fridge food and take away for a week now and I can’t take it anymore: I need my pasta!!


I know I never mention my son in my posts, I do it because I want to keep him out of the Internet for as long as possible. It is already a battle everyday to get people NOT to put his pictures on Social Networks. I am actually the happiest I have ever been and it’s thanks to him, my little boy 🙂



Get what you want

Get what you want


Photo credit

I finally booked the flights to London. I’m leaving tomorrow and my heart gets heavy just thinking about it.

No more lake, mountains, dinners with friends, beautiful landscapes, evening walks with my dad, but grey and tasteless surroundings.

Sometimes I wish my other half was Italian, so we could both decide to go back “home”. We’ve been speaking about relocating to Italy, and he seems to be ok with it, provided we find decent jobs of course, but I am worried. What if one day he decides he too wants to go home? His home is so far away, it’s on the other side of the world! What if he doesn’t feel at “home” in Italy? I know, I know….”what if” is not a game to play, ever!

We were thinking of spending sometime in Lisbon before moving to Italy and who knows, maybe I will fall in love so much with the city and the country that I will be more relaxed and will not need “home” as much as I do now. I think London is the wrong city form me. I lived in Prague before and it was amazing, I loved everything of the city. The only problem I had was with the people. I have some amazing Czech friends who I cherish and love very much, but there is no denial in saying that Czechs are pretty cold, compared to Italians at least. So, this Lisbon thing…I am willing to try, Lisbon is a beautiful place, I’ve been there twice and really liked it. It’s a cultural city, it’s multi ethnic, young, and it has the ocean. Coffee in Portugal is good. It’s the only place in Europe, outside Italy, where I had decent coffee.

To explain the title of my post: I am feeling a bit low about having to go to London, so I decided to make a plan and work hard to get to my aim which is: MOVING OUT OF LONDON. It could seem easy, but it isn’t. Not when you are 32 and have a baby boy to look after. It’s not as easy as it was for me to move to London, when I was 26, freshly graduated, but this is what I want. I want the sun for at least 200 days a year, I want fruit that tastes like fruit. I want good coffee that doesn’t cost a fortune.


Photo credit

Now I have to go pack my very heavy luggage and then I have to start planning my plan.

Wish me luck!



Time to go back to reality

Time to go back to reality


And here we are. I have to go back to London.

I’ve had British Airways page open on my computer for two days, I have to buy the ticket, I really have to, but I don’t want to. I wish I could stay.

On the plus side, we have a new flat, so I will be too busy browsing IKEA website to be worrying about the horrible weather, the tasteless food and the cold temperature. At least, I hope so.

Below some pictures from our last trip around home, pictures of what I am leaving.








I hope you liked them!



Make your heart like a lake

Make your heart like a lake


Make your heart like a lake with a calm, still surface and great depths of kindness.

-Lao Tzu –


This is the peaceful Lago d’Idro (Lake Idro), it was a revelation as I’ve only been here once, about 12 years ago, it was by night and I don’t remember much. This is also the least popular of the three lakes surrounding Brescia (the others are Garda and Iseo). I actually really like it because it’s not full of people and it’s completely surrounded by mountains. The air is so fresh and cool, a relief in this heat!





I am grateful I could walk around this calm place, in such a peaceful atmosphere…



I’m traveling a lot around here and I will post more pictures as soon as possible. I hope you are enjoying your summer!



The place I never want to leave

The place I never want to leave



So here I am. Home.

I was used to hate it here, to think it was nothing special and very provincial, until I moved to London and realised what “ugly place” means.

I realised that I grew up surrounded by beauty, but I always took it for granted. Not anymore. Every time I come home (very often) I appreciate everything, and I mean everything, from a red strawberry standing out of a green bush to breathtaking mountain views.

Here few photos I’ve taken this month, while traveling in Italy, more to come.

I hope you will enjoy it!




This is Cesovo, a tiny village made of 122 souls, where my father grew up. We have a big old house there and we grow fruit and vegetable, we keep rabbits and chickens and we make delicious honey.

This is where it is:



And here some pictures from our short break to the sea. Choosing where to go to the sea in Italy is a real dilemma….there is so much choice! Eventually I decided to go exploring a region I had never been before and I couldn’t be happier about this decision, it was beautiful and breathtaking and I loved every minute of it!

We went to Sirolo, a small town on the Conero riviera, where nature takes over and where people are kind.


The first picture of the below trio is a city called Recanati. It’s the native town of one of the most important, popular and famous Italian writer from the 19th century, Giacomo Leopardi. He wrote some amazing poetry, very romantic and very anguished…so Italian!






Happy Sunday,