Friendship on WhatsApp aka nostalgia today

Friendship on WhatsApp aka nostalgia today

Most of my friends live in Italy. I live in London.



We speak to each other on a daily basis, but mainly through WhatsApp. We send each other vocal messages and all our problems, adventures, fears and dreams are recorded on our phones.



Today I’ve been chatting with Yle, she’s a sweetheart, and she’s just been dumped by one guy she was dating. I was listening to the vocal messages she sent me and what i was hearing was a sweet girl trying to understand what went wrong, how and why. Trying to figure out the world.

I love being able to chat with my friends even when we are far away, but I really wanted to hug her today, and you can’t do that through your phone yet.

We had such a great time when we were living in Venice and I miss her and the other girls so much, but tonight just a bit more.



This is us. I’m the one top left, with the brown jumper. We were living all together in Venice. Ah, nostalgic night…