New home

New home

We’re settling down quite well in the new flat. As I write, I am surrounded by cardboard, bags, luggage and half built furniture.

This is our 9th move in 5 years. I changed 9 homes.


Photo credit: Saskia Keultjes

It can seem fascinating and interesting and intriguing and adventurous, but the truth is that most of all it’s tiring. It’s tiring to pack and unpack constantly, to know that yet again this is a “temporary” accommodation and that soon, a year maximum, we will be on the move again.

This time though, we are in a truly beautiful flat and I am glad we got to furnish it to our taste. I can’t wait for it to be finished! There is plenty of light, we have huge windows here. Oh, and we are some 300 metres from Regent’s park so…I can’t really complain.

I can’t wait to have the stove and oven installed, so I will be finally able to cook something! We’ve been eating fridge food and take away for a week now and I can’t take it anymore: I need my pasta!!


I know I never mention my son in my posts, I do it because I want to keep him out of the Internet for as long as possible. It is already a battle everyday to get people NOT to put his pictures on Social Networks. I am actually the happiest I have ever been and it’s thanks to him, my little boy šŸ™‚



Deaf people: it’s time to be heard!

Deaf people: it’s time to be heard!

When I was at uni, I studied Italian Sign Language and a new world opened in front of my eyes.

It was only for a semester, so I didn’t learn much linguistically speaking, but IĀ learned so much about deaf people and the deaf community.


Photo credit: from the article mentioned below

Most people don’t know that there is a variety of Sign Languages, just like spoken languages: BSL British Sign Language, ASL American Sign Language, LIS Lingua Italiana dei Segni, just to mention a few. They are completely different, like Italian and English, so it would be ridiculous to expect an American deaf person to understand a Spanish oneĀ just because they both sign. Sign is a mean through which we communicate, just like air is the mean by which sound is transported and heard, but this doesn’t mean we all understand each other.

It is also interesting to know that Sign Language is a natural language. This means that it developed spontaneously, just like spoken language. A great example is Nicaraguan Sign Language that developed in different schools across Nicaragua in the 70s and 80s. There is plenty of information on the Internet about this phenomenon.

The reason why I am writing a post about deaf people is that I came across an interesting article from the New York Times about Deaf community and its endless fight to be heard and to see its rights respected, and I wanted to share it with you all.

I rememberĀ attending a 2-hour LIS lesson and how amazed I was by the fact that the room was so silent and yet filled with communication and information. Our teacher was deaf and he was signing for the whole 2 hours of the class: I was use to get out of there exhausted by the amount of information exchanged.

I think it’s important that people understand how tough it still is for deaf in this society! I wish I could go back to Venice and take another course in Italian Sign Language.



London London, what have you done to me?

London London, what have you done to me?


On Friday morning I woke up in out new flat in a beautiful neighbourhood, St. John’s Wood. I live literally 2 minutes away from Regent’s park, which is amazing, because I will have no excuses to go out every day and breath a bit of fresh air.

I woke up and went out, I walked around the neighbourhood to start familiarising with it and I decided to get a coffee.

The horrible taste of London’s coffee slapped me in the face as to wake me up and get me back to reality after almost 2 months in Italy. On the other hand, the kindness of Londoners welcomed me back and that felt reassuring.

I might not be London’s number 1 fan, but I do love Londoners, I think they are awesome!

So, I’m back!



Get what you want

Get what you want


Photo credit

I finally booked the flights to London. I’m leaving tomorrow and my heart getsĀ heavy just thinking about it.

No more lake, mountains, dinners with friends, beautiful landscapes, evening walks with my dad, but grey and tasteless surroundings.

Sometimes I wish my other half was Italian, so we could both decide to go back “home”. We’ve been speaking about relocating to Italy, and he seems to be ok with it, provided we find decent jobs of course, but I am worried. What if one day he decides he too wants to go home? His home is so far away, it’s on the other side of the world! What if he doesn’t feel at “home” in Italy? I know, I know….”what if” is not a game to play, ever!

We were thinking of spending sometime in Lisbon before moving to Italy and who knows, maybe I will fall in love so much with the city and the country that I will be more relaxed and will not need “home” as much as I do now. I think London is the wrong city form me. I lived in Prague before and it was amazing, I loved everything of the city. The only problem I had was with the people. I have some amazing Czech friends who I cherish and love very much, but there is no denial in saying that Czechs are pretty cold, compared to Italians at least. So, this Lisbon thing…I am willing to try, Lisbon is a beautiful place, I’ve been there twice and really liked it. It’s a cultural city, it’s multi ethnic, young, and it has the ocean. Coffee in Portugal is good. It’s the only place in Europe, outside Italy, where I had decent coffee.

To explain the title of my post: I am feeling a bit low about having to go to London, so I decided to make a plan and work hard to get to my aim which is: MOVING OUT OF LONDON. It could seem easy, but it isn’t. Not when you are 32 and have a baby boy to look after. It’s not as easy as it was for me to move to London, when I was 26, freshly graduated, but this is what I want. I want the sun for at least 200 days a year, I want fruit that tastes like fruit. I want good coffee that doesn’t cost a fortune.


Photo credit

Now I have to go pack my very heavy luggage and then I have to start planning my plan.

Wish me luck!



My love for illustration

My love for illustration

Do you like illustration?

I love it! My favourite is children’s book illustration and I always wanted to take some classes, but I’ve always been too ashamed because I am not very good with drawing.

I am looking for illustration courses in London, but they seem so expensive…

BelowĀ are a few of my favourite illustrations with a link to the illustrator’s page.

This is a piece from the talentedĀ Malgorzata Lazarek


This isĀ Guridi


And this beauty is from the amazingĀ Terry Fan, as the feature image above. Click on the link and enter his magical world….


Please, share your favourites if you have some, I am always looking to get some inspiration!



Time to go back to reality

Time to go back to reality


And here we are. I have to go back to London.

I’ve had British Airways page open on my computer for two days, I have to buy the ticket, I really have to, but I don’t want to. I wish I could stay.

On the plus side, we have a new flat, so I will be too busy browsing IKEA website to be worrying about the horrible weather, the tasteless food and the cold temperature. At least, I hope so.

Below some pictures from our last tripĀ around home, pictures of what I am leaving.








I hope you liked them!



Make your heart like a lake

Make your heart like a lake


Make your heart like a lake with a calm, still surface and great depths of kindness.

-Lao Tzu –


This is the peaceful Lago d’Idro (Lake Idro), it was a revelation as I’ve only been here once, about 12 years ago, it was by night and I don’t remember much. This is also the least popular of the three lakes surrounding Brescia (the others are Garda and Iseo). I actually really like it because it’s not full of people and it’s completely surrounded by mountains. The air is so fresh and cool, a relief in this heat!





I am grateful I could walk around this calm place, in such a peaceful atmosphere…



I’m traveling a lotĀ around here and I will post more pictures as soon as possible. I hope you are enjoying your summer!