CBT a path to happiness

CBT a path to happiness


I have been away from my little corner of the internet, but I’m back.

I started doing some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to tackle some issues I am having, such as a very low confidence that holds me back from succeeding in many aspects of my life. Or the fact that I have a horrible relationship with my partner’s mum that causes me a lot of anxiety.

I like CBT, there is a lot of meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking involved. It’s difficult for someone like me, who’s always looking at events from a more-negative-than-positive perspective, but it takes a lot of practice and consistence. They say it’s like changing your diet or going into sport, you struggle at the beginning, but if you keep going it will soon become automatic.

I decided I want to go back to work, Daniel is 16 months, so I could get a part time job and he could go to nursery, but I haven’t worked in 2 years and every time I read a job description I think “oh no, I can’t do that”. I have a bachelor degree obtained in Italy, a Master degree obtained in the UK, I speak 4 languages fluently, I am creative, I started working when I was 17 and now, because I have been out of the job industry for 2 years I feel like all this doesn’t metter, as if the only thing that matter is that gap of 2 years on my CV. I know, it’s silly, but it’s also easier said than done. So, this is where I should start tackling my thoughts and try to see something positive out of all this. I’m working on it and I’m sure I will start to see some results soon.

That’s all for now, my next CBT session starts in 45 minutes, so I better get ready.




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