Sensational Butterflies


There is an exhibition that has been on for more than a year in London. It’s called “Sensational Butterflies” and, as you can imagine, it’s all about butterflies!

You get inside a huge sort of tent, right next to the amazing Natural History Museum and you enter the magic world of butterflies.


I visited last August, and it was tough because I was 8 months pregnant and inside the tent is extremely hot and humid….which is the ideal climate for these butterflies, but not for heavily pregnant ladies! I have to admit, it was well worth it. There are so many different kinds of butterflies flying all over the place and you get to see them very close! If you are like, you might even get one resting on your arm 🙂


I loved it, it’s only £5.85 to get in, and you can always pop in the National History Museum, which is FREE and leaves me with my nose up, gasping in amazement, every time I go there.

This is one of the things I love about London. Free museum. The fact that, even if you have half an hour, you can just go inside and stroll about; you wouldn’t do it if you had to pay, would you? And because it’s free, I tend to go there many times and to find different bits every time, so it never gets boring, because each visit is different from the previous one.

nhmPhoto credit
nhm2Photo credit
nhm4Photo credit.

I think this could be an idea of how to spend a pleasant afternoon in London now that the weather is indulgent.

Until next time!





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