On the feeling of worthlessness

On the feeling of worthlessness

How many times have you felt worthless? Or “not enough”? How many times have you felt the pressure of how you should be at this point of your life? I know I felt this way many times, it still happens sometimes.


It is not always a negative thing, though. At times, this is what I need, it’s the tough love that pushes me to get up and do something about it, take action. It’s a positive sadness that makes me feel like starting to plan my life in details, and it works.

But sometimes it hits hard.


Sometimes it’s difficult to see the glass half full and not to compare yourself with thew rest of the world. That rest of the world that seems to be doing good. Or just better than you.

Luckily this gloomy mood doesn’t last long and if the sun is shining a long walk in park is the best therapy to lift my spirit.

Today is a tough-love day, I felt a bit low but decided I had enough and I wasn’t going to stay on the couch dragging myself down and whining about the fact that I still haven’t accomplished everything I would like to. Hell, I should go out and start working towards my goals! So I started by tiding up the flat. It’s still a mess, there is still loads to be done, but at least I managed to do a little bit. While I type, my little one is exploring my wallet and pulling out every single card I have in it, so I better go and stop him!

Have a nice weekend 🙂




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