5+1 easy sewing projects for beginners

5+1 easy sewing projects for beginners

Tuesday is almost gone and in 4 days we will be in Lisbon. We will stay a week before going to Italy until mid January, I can’t wait!

I thought I share here 5 of my favourite sewing tutorials for beginners, I hope you’ll enjoy them and maybe try a couple of projects.

1. Make up bag


Easy tutorial with plenty of pictures, from DIY ready

2. Luggage tag



This is another easy tutorial and you also get the pattern for free from: Soubelles

3. Journal cover tutorial


A very nice tutorial from Bloom and Blossom

4. Pencil and notebook case tutorial


This is so easy that even a kid could do it! Have a look at the tutorial. Beautiful fabrics used and very clear instructions. From Deena Rutter

5. Seven minutes cushion cover 


This is a super easy project: it may take a bit longer than 7 minutes at the beginning, but practice makes perfect! From Lucy Kim likes.

5+1. Drawstring bag tutorial


Well, I hope you like these tutorials and here’s the last one. It’s the tutorial I made a couple of years ago, actually it is exactly 2 years today and I am still very proud of it, because it was my very first tutorial! This is a very easy project and it can be a thoughtful present for a friend or for someone close to you. From Pandora’s box: indie handmade.

Now I really feel like pulling my sewing machine out!





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